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The exchange may request KYC from any user at any time, typically triggered by an automated flag system, leading to a temporary block of funds.

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Automated Risk-Prevention System May require KYC/SOF by policy/law Refunds may require KYC No registration needed Non-custodial wallet API available Source code is private JavaScript needed
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Transaction Monitoring

The service monitors transactions to identify criminal activity and may suspend transactions to request details about the origin of funds (Section 7.1).

ToS section: "AML Procedure"

User Identification

Users may be asked to verify their identity if they cannot provide evidence of the legality of funds or in cases of suspected criminal activity, despite it being a non-custodial, no-registration service (Sections 7.1, 7.9).

ToS section: "AML Procedure"

3rd Party Data Sharing

The service can transfer user data, including IP addresses, to business partners or government bodies upon request (Section 8.3).

ToS section: "Personal Data"

Data sharing with authorities

The service may share information with authorities, especially when funds related to criminal activities are identified, and to return funds to victims (Section 7.8).

ToS section: "AML Procedure"


The service logs user data, including IP addresses, as required for business operations and may transfer this data to partners or governmental bodies (Section 8.3).

ToS section: "Personal Data"

Blocking of funds

The service can freeze funds if they are related to criminal activities; these funds may subsequently be returned to victims with assistance from law enforcement (Section 7.8).

ToS section: "AML Procedure"

Account termination/blocking

Service reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time, which may include the termination or blocking of accounts (Section 2.25).

ToS section: "Using of Service"

Transaction flagging

Transactions may be flagged as related to criminal activity and can be suspended for investigation (Section 7.1).

ToS section: "AML Procedure"

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