Exchange aggregator focused on privacy. When you fill a transaction, it searches the best possible rates in partner exchanges. This means there's no need for you to open an account in any of them.


KYC is not mentioned, but this service reserves the right to share data with representatives of the authorities, block funds or reject transactions.

Partners may enforce KYC policies Refunds may require KYC No registration needed Non-custodial wallet Aggregator provides guarantees API available Source code is private No JavaScript needed
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Transaction Monitoring

Partner Service Providers monitor incoming transactions to comply with AML policies and may sometimes require users to perform a KYC check if they suspect funds are from illegal activities. Trocador itself does not perform trades or hold/send funds, and as such does not perform these checks, but recommends and agrees to partner exchanges complying with AML obligations.

ToS section: "Trocador Guarantee; Prohibited Uses"

User Identification

Users may be required to perform a KYC check by partner services if a suspicion arises regarding the legality of funds. Trocador informs users that they should be aware of each partner's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which might require KYC under certain circumstances.

ToS section: "Prohibited Uses"

Data sharing with authorities

Trocador will comply with duly issued subpoenas served through the proper legal channels, including responding to requests from law enforcement on a case-by-case basis.

ToS section: "Law Enforcement Inquiries and Service of Subpoenas"

Account termination/blocking

If Trocador or partner Service Providers suspect violation of Terms of Service or activity arising from transactions made, the user's conduct may be investigated and access to services could be suspended without notice.

ToS section: "Enforcement of these Terms of Use and Investigation of Abuses"

Transaction flagging

Partner Service Providers are implied to have systems in place to flag suspicious transactions as part of their AML compliance, and they may conduct due diligence such as requiring a KYC check.

ToS section: "Prohibited Uses"

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3rd Party Data Sharing

The document does not provide explicit details on whether Trocador shares user data with third parties aside from mentioning that users should check each partner Service Provider's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for specific practices.

ToS section: "Prohibited Uses"


The document does not explicitly state that Trocador logs user data such as IP addresses and/or transactions. However, users are to assume that partner Service Providers' AML policies may involve such logging.

ToS section: "Cryptocurrency Transactions; Prohibited Uses"

Blocking of funds

Trocador does not take custody of funds; however, partner exchanges might block or freeze funds as part of their AML policies. Users must understand the risks, terms, and privacy policy of partner providers to ascertain such details.

ToS section: "Cryptocurrency Transactions"

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