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Exchange aggregator focused on privacy. When you fill a transaction, it searches the best possible rates in partner exchanges. This means there's no need for you to open an account in any of them.

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The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

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These lines were automatically extracted from the ToS of trocador.

  • users are cautioned against undertaking any suspicious activity on or through our services, as in the event of any suspicious transactions being undertaken, any of our partner service providers shall have the right but not the obligation to conduct due diligence in a way that prevents illegal activity from happening. partners always check incoming transactions to comply with aml policies and they may sometimes require users to perform a kyc check if they believe the funds are from illegal activities. that’s why the user must know beforehand each partner’s privacy policy and terms of use. some partners may require kyc, some may not, and we briefly describe their practices when you simulate a trade, but in no sense that information should be taken as a fixed rule, since it is impossible to predict all situations that may arise. to know exactly what kind of verification a transaction might be subject to, consult previously the partner service provider’s terms of use that you seek to use. trocador will always comply by the rule of law and respect our privacy policy. trocador itself does not perform any trades, we merely provide software for both parties to interact (the user and the exchange). we don't hold nor send funds between the parties, so we can't perform these kind of checks before trades are completed, but we will always recommend and agree to our partner exchanges complying in best possible way to their respective anti money laundering (aml) obligations.

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