Quotes in 14 different exchanges, 26 types of simultaneous rates; 60 different coins, up to 3540 combinations; Save up to 3% per transaction; Only noncustodial exchanges are listed; Designed to work over TOR as a private protection layer against tracking; No data collection about users, IPs are not stored; Works as an anonymous bridge between the user and the chosen exchange; It is possible to carry out all trades without leaving our website; Servers hosted in Sweden and paid for in Monero; Automatically delete all transaction data after 14 days, but the user can also delete it immediately at the click of a button; API system works over TOR; Javascript-free trading widget available.
Quick Info
Not verified
Bitcoin is accepted
Monero is accepted
You can't pay with cash
No account needed
The source code is private
No JavaScript needed to use the service
Tor available

Each exchange has its own KYC/AML policy, and they may hold your transaction and demand KYC/AML verification before completing it. Our partner exchanges rarely do this, but even if it happens they usually give you the choice of refusing and getting a refund instead. You can check each exchange's policies on their websites.

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