Allows you to check and compare rates for non-kyc exchanges.


KYC is not mentioned, but this service reserves the right to share data with representatives of the authorities, block funds or reject transactions.

Partners may enforce KYC policies Refunds may require KYC No registration needed Non-custodial wallet Aggregator provides guarantees Source code is private No JavaScript needed Telegram bot available
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Transaction Monitoring

The provided document does not contain any information regarding the monitoring of user transactions or activities.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

User Identification

The provided document does not include any details about a requirement for users to verify their identity.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

3rd Party Data Sharing

No mention of third-party data sharing is in the provided document.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

Data sharing with authorities

Information about sharing user data with authorities is not present in the document.

ToS section: "Not applicable"


There is no information provided regarding the logging of user data such as IP addresses or transactions.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

Blocking of funds

The document does not disclose any policies or conditions about blocking or freezing user funds.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

Account termination/blocking

There is no indication in the document of the possibility to terminate or block user accounts for any reason.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

Transaction flagging

The provided document lacks information about any system or process for flagging suspicious transactions.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

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