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The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

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Account termination/blocking

The Terms and Conditions state: "Misuse of provided services will result in immediate discontinuation of all services indefinitely, regardless of payment status." and "Creation of multiple accounts to avoid a ban from our services is not allowed, and will result in termination of all accounts created for such purposes." This implies that user accounts can be terminated or blocked for misuse or violation of the terms.

ToS section: "Prohibited Activities, Accounts"

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Transaction Monitoring

There is no explicit mention of the service monitoring user transactions or cryptocurrency activities in the provided Terms and Conditions.

User Identification

There is no requirement stated for users to verify their identity in order to use the service.

3rd Party Data Sharing

The Terms and Conditions do not explicitly state that user data is shared with any third parties.

Data sharing with authorities

There is no mention of user data being shared with authorities, law enforcement, or government agencies in the provided Terms and Conditions.


The Terms and Conditions do not explicitly state that the service logs any user data, IP addresses or transactions.

Blocking of funds

There is no mention of the service being able to block or freeze user funds in the provided Terms and Conditions.

Transaction flagging

The Terms and Conditions do not mention any system for flagging suspicious transactions related to money or cryptocurrency.

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