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The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

Refunds do not require KYC Strict no-log policy No personal information needed Strict no-KYC policy Open source code No JavaScript needed
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Last Check: 2024-05-03

Transaction Monitoring

The terms state that incoming cryptocurrency payments are sold on an exchange shortly after being received, implying that user transactions involving cryptocurrency are monitored and processed. However, no explicit statement is made about ongoing monitoring of user activities.

ToS section: "Zahlung mit einer Kryptowährung"


While not explicitly stated, the fact that cryptocurrency payments are processed and sold implies that user transaction data is being logged by the service.

ToS section: "Zahlung mit einer Kryptowährung"

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User Identification

There is no mention of users being required to verify their identity in the terms and conditions provided.

3rd Party Data Sharing

The terms and conditions do not indicate that user data is shared with any third parties.

Data sharing with authorities

There is no statement about sharing user data with authorities, law enforcement, or government agencies in the given terms and conditions.

Blocking of funds

The terms do not mention the ability of the service to block or freeze user funds.

Account termination/blocking

There is no information provided about terminating or blocking user accounts based on suspicious activities.

Transaction flagging

The terms do not mention any system for flagging suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

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