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KYC is not mentioned, but this service reserves the right to share data with representatives of the authorities, block funds or reject transactions.

Partners may enforce KYC policies Refunds may require KYC Peer to peer Strict no-KYC policy Mobile app available
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Transaction Monitoring

The provided document does not contain information on whether the service monitors user transactions or activities related to cryptocurrency.

ToS section: "N/A"

User Identification

Intercambio is an account-less service that does not require identity verification (no-KYC) for users to make cryptocurrency exchanges.

ToS section: "How do I use Interacambio?"

3rd Party Data Sharing

No information is available in the provided document regarding the sharing of user data with third parties.

ToS section: "N/A"

Data sharing with authorities

The text does not disclose any data sharing practices with authorities, law enforcement, or government agencies.

ToS section: "N/A"


Intercambio states that it does not log user data, including IP addresses, timestamps, user-agents, and it allows for no-JavaScript usage, implying that it attempts to minimize data capture.

ToS section: "How Intercambio can guarantee my privacy, or anonymity?"

Blocking of funds

There is no mention within the provided document of the service's ability to block or freeze user funds.

ToS section: "N/A"

Account termination/blocking

Since Intercambio is an account-less service, there are no procedures for account termination or blocking indicated.

ToS section: "How Intercambio can guarantee my privacy, or anonymity?"

Transaction flagging

No information is provided in the document regarding the existence of a system for flagging suspicious transactions.

ToS section: "N/A"

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