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The exchange may request KYC from any user at any time, typically triggered by an automated flag system, leading to a temporary block of funds.

May require KYC/SOF by policy/law Refunds may require KYC Peer to peer No personal information needed Non-custodial wallet API available Account needed to use the service Source code is private Mobile app available JavaScript needed
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Transaction Monitoring

The service collects information relating to trades including value, timestamps, chat logs, and Bitcoin addresses which may be used to monitor transactions for security purposes, as stated under 'How We Use Information - Security' and 'Information We Collect - Trading Information'.

ToS section: "How We Use Information, Information We Collect"

User Identification

Users are obligated to provide identification in the case of a dispute, and there is mandatory ID verification if the service suspects criminal activity, money laundering, or fraud, as detailed under 'Information You Provide Us When Using Hodlex Ltd Services'. User identification is voluntary outside of these contexts.

ToS section: "Information You Provide Us When Using Hodlex Ltd Services"

3rd Party Data Sharing

The service shares data with third parties such as Sentry, Google Analytics, AWS, ProtonMail, Twitter, and SendGrid for various operational purposes mentioned under 'Information You Share With Us - Third Party Sharing'. The service claims not to sell user data.

ToS section: "Information You Share With Us"

Data sharing with authorities

The service will not share sensitive information like IP or MAC addresses unless legally obligated, as detailed under 'Third-Party Information'. This implies that data may be shared with authorities if required.

ToS section: "Third-Party Information"


The service logs user activity, diagnostic and performance-related statistics, and connection information (including IP and MAC addresses) as part of automatically collected information mentioned under 'Automatically Collected Information During the Use of Hodlex Ltd Services'.

ToS section: "Automatically Collected Information During the Use of Hodlex Ltd Services"

Account termination/blocking

User activity is verified and suspicious activity investigated for legality, as stated under 'How We Use Information - Security'. While it does not explicitly state accounts can be terminated, the context implies the service has mechanisms in place to address suspicious or harmful conduct.

ToS section: "How We Use Information"

Transaction flagging

The service monitors for harmful conduct as part of maintaining the security of their platform and combating fraud, as detailed under 'How We Use Information - Security'. This suggests the presence of a system for flagging suspicious transactions.

ToS section: "How We Use Information"

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Blocking of funds

The provided document does not explicitly mention the service's ability to block or freeze user funds.

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