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Swapzone aggregates exchange rates, transaction processing speed, and reviews on cryptocurrency exchanges for you to make the best choice and convert crypto instantly.

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KYC procedures not mentioned as such, but reserves the right to share data with representatives of the authorities, block funds or reject transactions.

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  • You hereby agree that You shall not use the Website or the Service in connection with any activity violating any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation of any jurisdiction. Further, you shall not exchange VCs through the Website that are obtained through illegal activities, and you shall not use the Service to carry out any illegal activity, such as money laundering, illegal gambling, terrorist financing, and malicious hacking, in any jurisdiction.

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  • By accessing the Website, You agree to provide Company with current, accurate, and complete information about Yourself as prompted by our Privacy Policy, and to keep such information updated. To initiate a VC exchange transaction, You shall also accept Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the relevant VC exchanger as the transaction will be governed by its provisions. Additional requirements shall be set by VC exchangers in these documents as they are responsible for KYC and AML procedures.

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  • Notwithstanding the above mentioned, Swapzone is not liable for Buyer's KYC and AML compliance. While we strive to create a safe environment for VC enthusiasts, We are not responsible for their actions or those of other Users. Swapzone only acts as an information intermediary and an aggregator of various VC exchanges. In case of any technical or manual error that happens by Swapzone, the Company will, on a best-effort basis, take the steps to make the necessary corrections to the transactions and/or records involved and will notify You about the correction in a timely manner. Any liability created by such a correction shall be assumed by You.

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  • usage of the Service to perform illegal activities such as money laundering, illegal gambling operations, financing terrorism, or other criminal activities

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  • AML Policy  

    Found at: 2023-08-09 Last seen: 2023-10-02

  • Swapzone values privacy, therefore, it is KYC-free. However, Swapzone follows the Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Moreover, it has Know Your Business (KYB) procedure in place for the partners. It’s worth biting as well that the KYC procedures might be a requirement from any partner services provided by Swapzone.

    Found at: 2023-08-09 Last seen: 2023-10-02

  • Suppose you are curious as to exactly what KYC procedures are. They are procedures where the users need to include their ID Card as a form of verification, face verification, document submission such as utility bills that prove their address, and potentially even biometric verifications.

    Found at: 2023-08-09 Last seen: 2023-10-02

  • Additionally, some of the listed services may also perform AML or KYC procedures on the platform as a whole to prevent any criminal activity. It is the user's responsibility to conduct their due diligence prior to proceeding with any exchange deal.

    Found at: 2023-08-09 Last seen: 2023-10-02

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