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KYC is not mentioned, but this service reserves the right to share data with representatives of the authorities, block funds or reject transactions.

Partners may enforce KYC policies Refunds may require KYC No registration needed Non-custodial wallet API available Source code is private No JavaScript needed
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User Identification

Users are required to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of relevant VC exchangers, which are responsible for KYC and AML procedures. This implies users are required to verify their identity, although Swapzone itself is not responsible for this process.

ToS section: "Usage"

Data sharing with authorities

Swapzone states that it will report suspicious activities to relevant authorities and may share users' IP addresses for the purpose of investigation and prosecution if necessary.

ToS section: "Prohibition on Money Laundering / Illegal Activities"


Swapzone reserves the right to verify large or suspicious transactions, which involves sharing users’ IP addresses with authorities. This indicates some form of user data logging, particularly for transaction monitoring and compliance purposes.

ToS section: "Prohibition on Money Laundering / Illegal Activities"

Blocking of funds

The document mentions that VC exchanges can retain and confiscate VCs sourced from what they believe to be illegal or suspicious sources. This suggests that user funds can be blocked or frozen by VC exchanges, and while Swapzone is not directly responsible, it is part of the ecosystem.

ToS section: "Usage"

Account termination/blocking

Swapzone reserves the right to restrict access to its website in cases of illegal activities or violations of the Terms of Use, which could involve blocking or terminating user accounts.

ToS section: "Prohibition on Money Laundering / Illegal Activities"

Transaction flagging

Swapzone indicates that it will report suspicious activities to relevant authorities, and by extension, this includes the flagging of suspicious cryptocurrency transactions to authorities.

ToS section: "Prohibition on Money Laundering / Illegal Activities"

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Transaction Monitoring

The provided document does not explicitly mention that the service monitors user transactions or activities relating to cryptocurrency.

ToS section: "Not mentioned"

3rd Party Data Sharing

The document does not contain information regarding the sharing of user data with third parties.

ToS section: "Not mentioned"

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