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The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

Custodial wallet No personal information needed Strict no-KYC policy API available JavaScript needed
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3rd Party Data Sharing

Actions and server use must conform to the policies of the VPS providers like Digital Ocean. The document mentions that abuse complaints can lead to server termination, implying data may be shared for enforcement of policies.

ToS section: "Acceptable Use Policy"

Data sharing with authorities

The service states that it may have to comply with law enforcement requests and cannot guarantee privacy from legal inquiries.

ToS section: "Privacy Policy / Privacy Guide"

Account termination/blocking

Accounts can be terminated if involved in activities like mass port scanning, child pornography, phishing, DoS/DDoS, hacking, or exceeding bandwidth, as per Digital Ocean's policies.

ToS section: "Acceptable Use Policy"

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Transaction Monitoring

The document does not explicitly state that the service monitors user transactions or activities.

ToS section: "Full Document"

User Identification

No requirement for user identity verification is stated. The service does not ask for emails and encourages methods to remain anonymous.

ToS section: "Privacy Policy / Privacy Guide"


The document does not specify any logging of user activity or data, such as IP addresses or transactions.

ToS section: "Full Document"

Blocking of funds

The document does not mention the blocking or freezing of user funds.

ToS section: "Full Document"

Transaction flagging

The document does not mention any systems for flagging suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

ToS section: "Full Document"

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