Boltz is a privacy first, account-free, lightning-friendly exchange that can't track its users. Boltz neither uses any trackers nor log any data that could potentially be traced back to the user.


The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

No registration needed Refunds do not require KYC Open source code Strict no-KYC policy Non-custodial wallet
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Transaction Monitoring

No information regarding transaction monitoring is provided in the document.

ToS section: "N/A"

User Identification

The document does not mention any requirements for user identity verification.

ToS section: "N/A"

3rd Party Data Sharing

There is no stated information on user data being shared with third parties.

ToS section: "N/A"

Data sharing with authorities

The document does not provide any details on data sharing with authorities.

ToS section: "N/A"


No explicit reference to logging of user data such as IP addresses or transactions can be found.

ToS section: "N/A"

Blocking of funds

Information about the ability of the service to block or freeze user funds is not mentioned.

ToS section: "N/A"

Account termination/blocking

The document does not discuss the conditions under which user accounts may be terminated or blocked.

ToS section: "N/A"

Transaction flagging

There is no indication that the service has a system in place for flagging suspicious transactions.

ToS section: "N/A"

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