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The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

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Transaction Monitoring

There is no explicit mention of monitoring user transactions or activities related to cryptocurrency.

User Identification

The website explicitly states "No identity verification, no papers, no invasion of privacy."

ToS section: "Markdown section titled 'Privacy'"

3rd Party Data Sharing

There is no mention of sharing user data with third parties.

Data sharing with authorities

There is no explicit statement about sharing user data with authorities, law enforcement, or government agencies.


There is no mention of logging user data, IP addresses, or transactions.

Blocking of funds

There is no mention of blocking or freezing user funds or cryptocurrency.

Account termination/blocking

There is no mention of terminating or blocking user accounts based on suspicious sources of funds or transactions.

Transaction flagging

There is no mention of a system for flagging suspicious money or cryptocurrency transactions.

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