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Peach is a mobile application that connects Bitcoin Buyers & Sellers together. Buy or sell bitcoin peer-to-peer, anywhere, at anytime, with the payment method of your choice.


The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

Peer to peer No personal information needed Non-custodial wallet Account needed to use the service Source code is private Mobile app available No JavaScript needed
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User Identification

Users are subject to identity verification (KYC) when the trading limit reaches CHF1000/day or CHF100'000/year to continue trading.

ToS section: "4. Creating Offers"

3rd Party Data Sharing

Data may be shared with third-party service providers (Cloudflare, ProtonMail, Brevo, Firebase & Google Analytics) for operational purposes.

ToS section: "16. Third party integrations"


Peach maintains a hash of the user's device ID for account creation limitation, and temporarily logs hashed IP and other data during dispute resolution.

ToS section: "2. Your Account, 9. Disputes"

Account termination/blocking

Accounts may be suspended for using the platform to scam other users, engaging in offensive or inappropriate messaging, or due to legal changes. Hashed data is used to prevent suspended users from accessing Peach services.

ToS section: "12. Account suspension"

Transaction flagging

Suspicious transactions could lead to disputes, which would involve Peach arbitrators and could impact user reputation.

ToS section: "9. Disputes"

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Transaction Monitoring

The service Terms and Conditions do not explicitly mention monitoring user transactions or activities in regards to cryptocurrency.

ToS section: "Terms & Conditions"

Data sharing with authorities

The document does not mention the sharing of user data with authorities, law enforcement, or government agencies.

ToS section: "Terms & Conditions"

Blocking of funds

The service does not mention the capability to block or freeze user funds; the escrow solution only involves the seller and buyer.

ToS section: "Terms & Conditions"

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