Privacy-first automated crytpocurrency swaps without registration.


The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

No registration needed Refunds do not require KYC Non-custodial wallet API available Source code is private No JavaScript needed Mobile app available
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Transaction Monitoring

There is no explicit mention of transaction monitoring in the provided text.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

User Identification

The exchange specifies that it is a non-KYC exchange and does not require proof of source of funds (SoF).

ToS section: "Do you need any documents from me in order to exchange?"

3rd Party Data Sharing

There is no information available in the provided text indicating that user data is shared with third parties.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

Data sharing with authorities

There is no explicit mention of data being shared with authorities, law enforcement, or government agencies in the provided text.

ToS section: "Not applicable"


The exchange clearly states that it doesn't collect any metadata, which includes not logging IP addresses and browser information.

ToS section: "Do you collect any client metadata (browser info, IP, etc)?"

Blocking of funds

There is no specific mention of the service's ability to block or freeze user funds, but the use of mixed and aggregated address pools suggests that certain external conditions, such as a high risk score from chain analysis platforms, could lead to frozen funds if using the mixed pool.

ToS section: "What is aggregation?"

Account termination/blocking

The document does not explicitly state any circumstances under which accounts could be terminated or blocked.

ToS section: "Not applicable"

Transaction flagging

While the text does not mention a specific system for flagging suspicious transactions, the discussion of mixed and aggregated pools implies a concern for transaction traceability and risk scoring, which could be related to monitoring for suspicious activities.

ToS section: "What is aggregation?"

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