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The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

Peer to peer trading No registration needed Open source code Strict no-KYC policy Non-custodial wallet
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Transaction Monitoring

The document states that trading is purely peer-to-peer and does not mention any monitoring of user transactions or activities.

ToS section: "Private"

User Identification

The document explicitly mentions that no accounts, KYC, AML, or registration process are required.

ToS section: "Private"

3rd Party Data Sharing

There is no mention of sharing user data with any third parties.

ToS section: "Private"

Data sharing with authorities

There is no information indicating that user data might be shared with authorities or law enforcement.

ToS section: "Private"


There is no mention of logging user data or transactions in the document.

ToS section: "Private"

Blocking of funds

The decentralized nature of the exchange and the use of direct wallet-to-wallet trading indicates that there is no mechanism for blocking or freezing user funds.

ToS section: "Private, Atomic Swaps"

Account termination/blocking

The absence of user accounts means there is no mechanism for account termination or blocking.

ToS section: "Private"

Transaction flagging

There is no information about a system for flagging suspicious transactions.

ToS section: "Private"

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