Start by reading the nostr basics to understand how Nostr works.

creating an account

Creating a Nostr account is as easy as generating a private key. From the private key, your public key will be derived. The public key acts as your username.

In this guide, we will use Browser Signer Extensions to generate the private key, these act as a vault for your private key, and Nostr apps will interact with the extension, issuing sign requests. This way, your private key never leaves your computer local storage.

For this, I recommend you use Nostr Connect extension. Install it on Chrome or Firefox. You can also find a list of available Signers here.

Then, open the extension, generate a private key and click save. That's all, you are now part of Nostr.

Other ways to generate a key:

configure your profile

Visit Nostr Profile Manager and configure your profile:

  • Configure the Metadata fields.
  • Add some relays. Check out for a list of relays.


After your account is set up, you will be able to log in to any platform that uses the Nostr protocol, and use it. Take a look here to find a client that suites your needs.