KYC? Not me!


7.5 KS

Exchange cryptocurrencies coins anonymously.

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BTC available

XMR available

You can't buy with FIAT

Crypto exchange available

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No personal information

Non-P2P Exchange

Javascript required

Detailed Info


TradeOgre is a small exchange focused especially on privacy coins in general. Deposits and withdrawals are done without identity verification. It has no official support team.


This is a trusted exchange. It has been tested by KYCNOT.ME or it has a long-time good reputation.

KYC Level: 0

No KYC. The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

KYC Check

The automated KYCNOT.ME check has failed for this exchange. The exchange may require KYC for some cases or ToS may have changed since the listing and may need review.

Custodial Wallet

The exchange provides you a wallet and controls the private key (aka seed/words/mnemonic) of it.

Not Open Source

This service's code is not available.