StealthEX is an instant cryptocurrency exchange for limitless swaps.Free from registration and non-custodial.
Quick Info
Not verified
Bitcoin is available
Monero is available
You can't pay with FIAT
You can swap coins
No accounts
No personal information
The wallet is not custodial
The source code is private
JavaScript is needed
No Tor service available
KYC Level: 1
KYC is rare. The platform does not mention KYC/AML procedures as such, but the service has the right to share acquired data with representatives of the authorities and block funds or reject transactions.
Suspicious ToS

User hereby agree and acknowledge that in case of Third Parties’ Services, the latter will be provided by the third parties, to the platform of which the User is transferred from our website. In this case any and all compliance procedures including but not limited to KYC, as well as actual deposit of funds and transaction shall be that third party liability.