KYC? Not me!


8.0 KS

Peer-to-peer Monero exchange.

Quick Info

BTC not available

XMR available You can buy with fiat Crypto exchange available

Registration needed

P2P Exchange Tor available

Detailed Info


A marketplace where users can buy and sell Monero to and from each other. Localmonero provides you with a custodial web-wallet but you can withdraw your funds to any wallet of your choice with no limits. A tor service is available.


This is a trusted exchange. It has been tested by KYCNOT.ME or it has a long-time good reputation.

KYC Check

This exchange passes the automated KYCNOT.ME check. The ToS of this exchange seem no-kyc friendly.

KYC Level: 0

No KYC. The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

Custodial Wallet

The exchange provides you a wallet and controls the private key (aka seed/words/mnemonic) of it.

Not Open Source

This service's code is not available.

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