*This service has some KYC-related lines in their ToS. Please read below.
LetsExchange is an instant exchange service which supports the highest number of cryptocurrencies in the market and has no mandatory account registration. Users can transact with over 2000 crypto assets on this exchange. LetsExchange chooses the best rates through proprietary SmartRate technology to ensure the profitability of your every swap (particularly for large sums).
Quick Info
Not verified
Bitcoin is accepted
Monero is accepted
You can't buy with FIAT
You can swap coins
No account needed
The wallet is not custodial
The source code is private
JavaScript needed to use the service
No Tor service available
The service has an API available
This service refunds without the need of a KYC procedure (if ever needed).
KYC Level: 1
KYC is rare. LetsExchange does not mention KYC/AML procedures as such, but the service has the right to share acquired data with representatives of the authorities, block funds or reject transactions.
KYC-Related Terms of Service

6.2. By accepting these Terms you agree to pass through the AML/KYC procedure, which may be applied to you or may be requested by LetsExChange at any time.

6.4. In limited cases (such as to verify your identity in order to pass the AML/KYC procedure), we reserve the right to freeze your exchange transaction for any period of time necessary to complete the investigation and AML/KYC procedure.While the investigation is ongoing, LetsExChange reserves the right to transfer the frozen funds to a cold storage. It would be done for ensuring their safekeeping.

10.7. In case a client doesn’t wish to disclose their identity for certain reasons and refuses to provide the documents, the KYC/AML procedure is considered failed and the deposited funds are then refunded to the address (or addresses) the deposit was made from, subtracting the network fees, within 24 hours. Then, CryptoLightHouse reserves the right to blacklist this address (or addresses), thus rendering it (or them) non-eligible for making deposits on the service.

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