After performing a HoudiniSwap, there will be no traceable connection between the sending wallet and receiving wallet. Poof, your crypto is anonymous. HoudiniSwap uses XMR as a tunnel between non KYC exchanges, breaking the link between sending and receiving wallets. Impossible to trace, no KYC, no accounts, no strings attached.
Quick Info
Bitcoin is accepted
Monero is accepted
You can't buy with FIAT
You can swap coins
No account needed
The wallet is not custodial
The source code is private
JavaScript needed to use the service
No Tor service available
The refund procedure is unknown.
KYC Level: 0
No KYC. HoudiniSwap ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.
Please note that anonymizing a cryptocurrency will never be as private as directly using Monero. All it takes is a mistake to trace you in a transparent blockchain. Even when you 'anonymize' your Bitcoin, there still exist chances to track you. If you want true privacy, use Monero. HoudiniSwap also offers swaps from Bitcoin and other currencies to Monero.