*This service has some KYC-related lines in their ToS. Please read below.
Users, called traders, create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. You can browse our website for trade advertisements and search for a payment method you prefer. You'll find traders buying and selling cryptocurrencies online for more than 60 different payment methods.
Quick Info
Bitcoin and LN accepted
Monero is not accepted
Cash accepted
You can swap coins
Account needed
No personal information
The wallet is not custodial
The source code is private
JavaScript needed to use the service
No Tor service available
The service has an API available
Refunds may require KYC.
KYC Level: 2

HodlHodl may request KYC. Although KYC is not mandatory to use the service, HodlHodl reserves the right to require KYC for a certain user at a certain moment and may block funds. May be that a transaction is detected as suspicious or any other reason.

In this case, check if refunds without KYC are available.

Some sellers may require ID
Refunds may require KYC
KYC-Related Terms of Service

If we are obliged to do so by the law or in accordance with our internal policy, we may at any time introduce or amend mandatory identification / verification procedures and require you to complete our identification and/or verification and may also require you to submit identification documents to Hodlex Ltd. Failing to complete identification and/or verification will be considered a violation of the Agreement and may lead to the suspension and/or termination of your account.

In case of a dispute, you will be obliged to provide us with your ID and account statements etc., which may be required for dispute resolution. The user is also free to verify his or her self on an entirely voluntary basis. The term ID may include: full name, date of birth, country (country of residence and citizenship), and other information. Mandatory ID verification may also take place if we suspect abuse of our Services such as criminal activity, money laundering or fraud.

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