KYC? Not me!


8.5 KS

Privacy first, account-free crypto exchange.

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BTC available

XMR not available

You can't buy with FIAT

Crypto exchange available

No account needed

Non-P2P Exchange

Javascript required

Tor available

Detailed Info


Boltz is a privacy first, account-free, lightning-friendly crypto exchange that can't track its users. Boltz neither users any trackers nor log any data that could potentially be traced back to the identity of the users.

Not verified

This exchange has not been tested by KYCNOT.ME or doesn't have a long or old enough good-review history.

KYC Level: 0

No KYC. The exchange ToS do not mention that it will ever request the user for a KYC verification.

KYC Check

This exchange passes the automated KYCNOT.ME check. The ToS of this exchange seem no-kyc friendly.

Additional notes

Some sellers may require ID verification or KYC. Avoid these sellers.
Refunds may require KYC

Non-Custodial Wallet

The exchange does not provide a wallet or it does not hold the private key.

Open Source

This service code is available for study.

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